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An Independent grassroots community vision IN Entertainment worldwide THRU THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF Podcasters-Video Creators- Musicians- Visual Artist- Communities- writers and Journalist- Gaming creators- Nonprofits- Tutorial and education Creators-of-all-kinds.

Our - Multimedia Platform includes live streaming broadcast television programming, music, radio podcasts, blogs and more.

An experimental Independent family-owned and operated Broadcast Media production company based in Dallas Texas. We specialize in telling the Peoples stories from communities across the world. We offer our platforms to underrepresented, unseen and unheard community residents, indie filmmakers and grassroots media content providers to gain exposure, marketing and advertising on our Network 7 days a week 24 hours each day.

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On the Real Artist Work Block you will experience soulful content that shines a light on Multi Diverse Cultural communities worldwide in efforts to bring awareness to issues and topics often overlooked and swept away in corporate mainstream media, news and entertainment.

The People have stories to tell–We Share The People’s Stories

Freedom of speech empowers content creators to entertain, inform, challenge, inspire and motivate. Copyright ensures RAW Multimedia Group content creators can benefit from their creative works and protects against piracy. Together these fundamental rights enable RAW Multimedia Group content creators to thrive and bring great stories to local, national and international audiences.

Right now, the stories that define our lives and shape our world must be REVOLVED and brought to life thru REPROGRAMMING the local, national and international community working in entertainment, music, film, web, print, radio and television. RAW Multimedia Group fosters this economic and cultural enterprise by advocating for policies that recognize the power of our stories, reward RAW Multimedia Group content creators, and allow them to produce, distribute, and protect their creative content audiences love.

The power of real life storytelling is Personal and Never-Ending, dropping in on unfamiliar lifestyles, exposing us to multi diverse community resident perspectives, and empowering narratives that challenge our thinking. When content creators experience such a freedom to express their talents it allows them to imagine and reinvent the creative minds behind entertainment, music, film, web, print, radio and television to captivate audiences worldwide and inspire the next generation of content creators.

At RAW Multimedia Group, we’re committed to protecting the fundamental rights of content creators—and strengthening policies that protect them—so that the entertainment industry can continue to ignite the passions of people everywhere.

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Search 500+ and growing undiscovered, TV shows, podcast, student, on the rise filmmakers, independent content providers, musicians, documentaries, web series, children/teen shows celebrating Multi Diverse cultural content on the RAW Multimedia Group Network.

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